Chef Kan Nishina: Mastering the Art of Sushi

Chef Kan Nishina, the culinary maestro behind the Kan Sushi Group, brings over two decades of sushi mastery from Osaka, Japan, to the table. His unmatched expertise in maguro handling and a deep-seated commitment to food quality highlight his stature as a distinguished connoisseur. A pioneer at heart, Chef Nishina effortlessly marries traditional Japanese cuisine with inventive twists, ensuring every dish at Kan Sushi is a homage to Japan’s rich culinary legacy.

in 2014, he brought his talents to Singapore, choosing to serve the most discerning palates and profiles while maintaining a deliberately low profile, further cementing his revered position in the world of gourmet sushi.

"Respect for Tradition, Passion for Innovation"

Chef Kan Nishina's culinary philosophy is anchored in a profound respect for the traditions of Japanese cuisine, fused with an unyielding passion for innovation. Believing that every ingredient has a story and every dish a heritage, he meticulously sources the freshest, highest quality produce, treating each element with reverence. His approach to sushi and omakase is a delicate balance between honoring the age-old techniques passed down through generations and embracing the possibilities of contemporary culinary arts. For Chef Nishina, cooking is not just about feeding the body but nurturing the soul, creating experiences that linger in the memory long after the meal is over. This philosophy drives him to continually push the boundaries, ensuring that every dining experience at Kan Sushi is both a tribute to the past and a taste of the future.

Chef Kan's Concepts

  • Omakase & Sushi

    Experience the essence of Japanese culinary artistry with Kan Sushi's Omakase Restaurant, where tradition meets innovation in every exquisite bite.

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  • Kan Sushi Tanjong Pagar

    A realm of unparalleled sushi artistry, where tradition and innovation converge to create sublime culinary experiences.

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  • Maguro Samurai

    Where every bite takes you on a bold journey through the world of maguro, crafted for the adventurous palate.

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  • Fish Market by Kan Nishina

    Discover the freshest catch at Kan Sushi's Online Fish Market, your digital gateway to the ocean's finest treasures, delivered straight to your door.

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  • Takayuki Sakai Knife distribution

    Slice with precision and style with Takayuki Sakai Japanese knives, available exclusively at Kan Sushi's online store — the official distributor in Singapore

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  • Private Dining

    An exclusive sanctuary for culinary exploration, meticulously crafted by the masterful Kan Nishina.

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