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Nigiri Jubako 26 Pieces — にぎりセット

Nigiri Jubako 26 Pieces — にぎりセット

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Dive into the exquisite world of traditional Japanese cuisine with our Nigiri Jubako 26 Pieces — にぎりセット. Each set is meticulously curated by Master Sushi Chef Kan Nishida and presented in a beautifully crafted osechi Jubako box, symbolizing elegance and celebration. This omakase assortment features a selection of rare fish, each piece an ultra-premium example of nigiri sushi artistry. With a promise of freshness unparalleled, every nigiri is cut within 30 minutes of delivery, ensuring the ultimate dining experience at your doorstep. Under the expert hands of Chef Nishida, each fish is treated and handled with the utmost respect and skill, reflecting decades of mastery. As the chef's choice, the assortment varies, offering guests a unique journey through the rarest and most exquisite flavors of the sea with each order. Rest assured, every piece of fish and seafood included is a rare find, selected to surprise and delight the most discerning palates.

Perfect for Sharing:

  • Ideal for 2-3 people, making it a great choice for intimate gatherings or as a luxurious addition to a larger meal.
  • An excellent centerpiece for a decadent dinner, offering a shared experience of exceptional flavors.

Receiving Information:

  • Ensure prompt receipt upon delivery to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Check your delivery window and be available or arrange for someone to receive the order.

Delivery Information:

  • Delivered fresh, with nigiri cut within 30 minutes prior to dispatch.
  • Packed in a temperature-controlled box to preserve quality.
  • Delivery personnel trained to handle your order with care.

How to Enjoy It:

  • Enjoy immediately upon arrival for the best taste and texture experience.
  • Accompany with light soy sauce and wasabi, provided, to enhance the flavors.
  • Pair with a glass of chilled sake or Shochu for a complete dining experience.
For customized orders or larger orders please contact us directly.


  • Shipping within singapore only
  • Your order is processed immediately and should arrive within 7 working days
  • For special requests please contact us directly or call any of our restaurant.
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